Neutron Soft Glitch - Pro Shop "The Journey" Stamp

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Perfect for warming up with a game of catch or as a smooth approach disc, the Glitch truly defines what a hybrid disc can be. Its neutral flight path and exceptional glide make it a tremendous disc to learn with while also being a unique approach or scramble disc thanks to its ability to float down and sit where it lands. These flight characteristics also make the Glitch an ideal tool to improve form or learn the game of disc golf, there's a reason why it's become one of our most popular discs - the Glitch makes disc golf fun for everyone.

  • Class: 7mm Putt / Approach
  • Weights: 140-154g
  • Diameter: 21.2
  • Rim Width: 7mm

Neutron Soft Plastic

Experience a softer blend of our flagship premium Neutron plastic.

The Journey

Fittingly named, “The Journey”, Green C Studio takes us on an adventure from tee to green with this MVP Pro Shop exclusive stamp. Helping to serve as a reminder that your path can be filled with many steps, even missteps, but to never lose sight of your goal.

"The Journey"

Each order placed containing a disc stamped with "The Journey" will also include this exclusive MVP Pro Shop sticker celebrating our launch and the journey that came with it!