Neutron Hex - Pro Shop "The Journey" Stamp

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Dependable for a multitude of shot shapes, the Hex is a workhorse midrange that produces straight to understable lines from flat, with the slight fade keeping it from flipping over completely. With a comfortable handfeel and available in a variety of plastic options, the Hex has a slot in nearly any bag.

  • Class: 13mm Midrange Driver
  • Weights: 165 - 179g
  • Diameter: 21.4cm
  • Rim Width: 13mm


MVP Disc Sports’ flagship premium material. This plastic possesses an exceptional durability, feel, and is offered in a wide array of bright opaque colors.

The Journey

Fittingly named, “The Journey”, Green C Studio takes us on an adventure from tee to green with this MVP Pro Shop exclusive stamp. Helping to serve as a reminder that your path can be filled with many steps, even missteps, but to never lose sight of your goal.

"The Journey"

Each order placed containing a disc stamped with "The Journey" will also include this exclusive MVP Pro Shop sticker celebrating our launch and the journey that came with it!