Skulboy Designs

Skulboy Designs

Duncan Crawford aka Skulboy is a Disc Golf Illustrator by night and a Sculptor for the Movie and Television Industry by day.

In 2009, Duncan became known as Skulboy when he combined his passion for both Illustration and Disc Golf and started creating artwork to be stamped on discs. His inspirations from Comic Books, Fantasy and Low Brow art shine through his hand drawn style.

Legend has it that every disc stamped with a Skulboy Design contain a little extra magic waiting to be harnessed by the thrower.

Duncan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and in 2000, moved to Los Angeles with his wife Akiko to work as a Sculptor for Set Construction. His work can be seen in Films and Television such as Avengers, Ender’s Game, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.2 and The Mandalorian to name a few.

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