Jason Pawley

Jason Pawley

Jason Pawley was born in Oklahoma and started his life of art at the age of 8. Learning skills from Bob Ross on PBS, this intro to art by Ross inspired his love for trees.

His next big influence came from skateboarding, with graphic and illustration styles that still influence him today. At the age of 25, he enrolled at the University of central Oklahoma with a focus on graphic design, fine art, and mural painting. He worked for many design firms after college to eventually start freelancing.

5 years ago he picked up the sport of disc golf and has been obsessed with the game and the associated hot foil stamp designs. He started doing local tournament stamps and this opened up opportunities to do disc golf art outside of the local area. He is now doing art and design for many major disc golf brands while starting his own life style brand the Death Putt Fellowship. Currently you can find Pawley doing murals, branding apparel, working on commissioned art work, freelance design, hot stamps, and out on the course throwing plastic in the woods. Check out his social media pages to see more of his work.

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